AMS Tent Sign Out Guide

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The AMS (Alma Mater Society) possesses a total of 6 AMS-branded tents available to all services, offices, and commissions for their boothing and in-person event needs. Tents are the property of the MARCOMM office and reside in the AMS Office when not in use.

There are 3 large tents (10 x 10) and 3 medium tents (7 X 7). Be sure to confirm the spacing restrictions for events that allow booths.

It is imperative that those who sign out these tents exercise care in their handling and usage. Please ensure safekeeping so we can loan them out again. Any instances of loss or damage incurred during the period of usage will be the liability of the borrowing party.

Please note that each tent can only be booked by one person, therefore in instances of collaboration or delegation of tasks, ensure there is appropriate communication of expectations.


  1. Open Microsoft Teams and ensure you are within “Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Inc.”
  2. Navigate to Calander on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click anywhere on the Calendar to open a meeting invite.
    • Within Title list the name of the event the tent will be used for (e.g., Homecoming).
    • Within Required Attendees enter either “large tent” or “medium tent” You will be presented with all the tents in the system.
    • To view the availability of tents effectively, add each as a required attendee and switch to the Scheduling Assistant on the top bar.
    • Confirm that the selected tent is listed as Free.
    • Input date, time, and any other details required for the event.
    • After sending the invite, monitor your Outlook inbox for an acceptance email from your selected tent.
  4. Congratulations! You have now booked the tent! Ensure its safe return to the AMS and have fun!


  1. How long can I book a tent for?
    • 24 Hours

  2. How far in advance can I book a tent for?
    • Any tent can be booked 31 days (about 1 month) in advance. If you require a tent across multiple days, you must send multiple invites.

  3. Why am I getting a meeting rejected email?
    • Tents will automatically decline an invite if they are already booked. The email will provide details on who within the organization has booked it.

  4. Can I repeatedly book tents for the same time every month?
    • No! Tents must be booked per event to ensure fairness of usage.

  5. I have a problem that is not listed here, who do I contact? 
    • Please forward questions to the Director of Marketing at

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