TV's for Display Board in QC

Modified on Wed, 02 Nov 2022 at 02:05 PM

The Display Boards in the QC are controlled by Rogers Media who has a contract with SLC. 

There is a PC connected to the TVs in the QC which has a 4G mobile network card in it. SLC has a web login that they can use to modify the ads that get rotated to the boards.

The setup for the televisions is fairly straight forward once you understand how they are configured. 

The first thing to note is that these are not standard televisions, but commercial Display Boards that are meant to be connected together in a series. There is an HDMI output from the Rogers PC which plugs into the first TV. From there, the TVs are daisy chained together with DisplayPort cables using the output from TV1 to go to the input of TV2. Then output of TV2 to input of TV3 and so on.

The order of the TVs is as follows:

In order to configure the TV's in the proper configuration there are 4 options that must be configured within the Display settings on the TVs themselves. Remotes for the TVs can be retrieved from the SLC desk.

Row: 2 (this is how many rows will be available for the entire display as one unit. Make sure this setting is set to 2 on ALL devices)

Column: 2 (this is how many columns will be available for the entire display as one unit. Make sure this setting is set to 2 on ALL devices))

Unique ID: This is a unique number to identify the screen within the chain and doesn't have an impact on how the screens are displayed but these numbers must be unique in order for the TVs to recognize there are 4 devices in the array. For simplicity, make each ID the number of the TV. EVERY ID MUST BE DIFFERENT.

Screen Number: This is the position within the "window". See the diagram above but this determines where the screen shows up in the order of the daisy chain. If these are not correct the displays will be out of order.

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