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Applies to: Queen Squirrel Boardroom, White Squirrel Boardroom


AMS has two Polycom conferencing systems available for use in the board room. These systems are an excellent option for virtual meetings and remote conferencing and include some very cool features like automatic tracking of the current speaker. Any staff member with an AMS email can sign into the system and use the conferencing unit.

Please be aware that these systems are highly sensitive and can pick up whispers during a conferencing meeting, so if you plan to have a discussion while viewers are in the meeting, you may want to consider muting the device.

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Initial Steps

  1. Ensure the mini PC that's connected to the TV is turned on
  2. Turn on the TV using the “TCL Roku TV” remote (big boardroom TV) or the "Insignia" remote (small boardroom).
  3. Ensure the TV is on input HDMI 1 (Arc) for the main boardroom or HDMI 2 for the small boardroom – if needed, press the home button on the TCL remote and browse to the correct input
  4. Ensure that the wireless mouse and keyboard for the TV are turned on. The power for the keyboard is located on the side of the keyboard, the power for the mouse is located on the bottom of the mouse.
  5. Login to Windows with your AMS email (
  6. Sign into Teams and call away!

Troubleshooting Audio Issues

If you run into any issues with audio during calls please ensure the following options have been enabled.

Set Windows Default Audio Device to Polycom

  1. Once signed into Windows, click on the volume icon in the bottom right (1), then on the fly-out window that appears choose the arrow beside the volume slider (2). 
  2. Select Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Polycom Studio Audio) from the list of available audio devices.

Set Teams to use the Polycom Conferencing Unit

Microsoft Teams will also need to be set to use the Polycom Conferencing unit as its default audio source to make and receive calls correctly.

  1. Open Teams and click on the 3-dot menu in the top right of Teams (1) and choose Settings (2)
  2. In the menu that appears, ensure The following settings are set correctly as indicated in the photo below.:
    Audio Devices - Polycom Studio Audio
    Speaker- Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Polycom Studio Audio)
    Microphone- Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Polycom Studio Audio)

Using the Polycom Remote

You can also use the Polycom remote to control settings during your conference.

Button Icon
Button NameDescription
1Volume Up/Down
Adjust speaker volume.
2Zoom In/Out
Adjust camera zoom in/out when the group framing and speaker-tracking mode is off.
3Camera Directions
Adjust the direction of camera when the group framing and speaker-tracking mode is off.
Resets the camera to its original status when the group framing and speaker-tracking mode is off.
5Preset 1/2
  • Long press to store a camera setting.
  • Short press to load a camera setting.

The preset buttons only work when the group framing and speaker-tracking mode is off.


Mutes or unmutes the microphone.

Long press the button to set the remote control ready for pairing.

Long press to enable other Bluetooth devices to find the device.
8Group Framing and Speaker-Tracking
Enables or disables the group framing and speaker-tracking mode.
Answers an incoming call or holds/resumes a Microsoft Skype for Business call.
10Hang UpHangs up a call.

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