Approval Sets In Dynamics 365

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  1. Go to "Approval User Setup" in Dynamics by searching for this in the search bar.

  2. Select New User and add both the user and their email if they are part of an approval flow.
  3. Click on an account (1) and choose "Notification Setup" (2) and enable Instant Email Notification for "New Record" "Approval" and "Overdue"

  4. Once users are created under "Approval User Setup" and notifications have been set, Go to "Reason Codes" by searching in the search bar.

  5. Create your Code by clicking on the 'New' button and naming it based on what Workflow the accounting Team provides (Excample PCC-HM-OPO would be a flow that goes from PCC Head Manager to Operations Officer). Ensure that you give it a proper description

  6. Go to "Workflow User Groups" by searching in the search box

  7. Create a New Workflow based on the same Approval codes (Example PCC-HM-OPO) by clicking on the 'New' button

  8. Under "Workflow User Group Members" Add both members of the approval process and label Sequence 1 for the first approver and sequence 2 for the secondary approver. For Example in the PCC-HM-OPO the first user would be PCC Manager assigned to sequence 1 and the second user would be the Operations Officer assigned to sequence 2.

  9. Now Open "Workflows" and select "PCC Manager -> Operations Manager" (which when clicked has a 'Code' of "PCC-HM-OPO" and then hit "New" at the top of the page and select "Copy Workflow". Rename the copied workflow to match the new Approval flow you're working on.

  10. Open the newly created workflow and make sure everything is renamed to match the approval process.

  11. Choose the 1st line under 'On Condition' which will open up the event conditions. Under 'Reason Code' choose the appropriate code to match the workflow you are creating.

  12. Then under "Then Response" click on "Add Record Restriction" then select the third line down "Create an approval request for the record...." then select the appropriate Workflow User Group to match the approval.

  13. Now go back and hit "Enable". The system will verify the workflow and enable if there are no errors.

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